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Alpha Wire’s Flex Cable series provides a range of options from moderate flexing to continuous flexing needs. Xtra-Guard Flex Cable is built to last in the most demanding environments and is easy to install. Alpha Wire offers multiple shielding options, gauges, conductor counts and jacket color choices.

Xtra-Guard Flex Cable Features Include:
  • High-Flex
  • High-Torsion
  • Continuous-Flex
  • 28-14 AWG
  • Shielding Options:
    • Unshielded
    • Aluminum/Polyester
    • Supra Shield
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Motion Control
  • Machine Tools
  • Medical/ Biotechnology
  • Military
  • Semiconductor
  • Solar
  • Wind Power

Choose the right Xtra-Guard Performance Cable with Alpha Wire’s brochure and comparison chart.